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How to make beautiful photos of goods for the online store in the home

In the bakery, it smells like fresh baked goods, good music plays in the sound equipment shop, soft chairs are arranged in the book - all these are optional attributes, but they make shopping pleasant, increasing the chances that the buyer will part with the money. On the Internet, the seller's arsenal is thinning.

Here you will not be able to influence the sense of smell or tactile sensations. To assess the attractiveness of the product remains vision. You need to do everything to show your customers their goods in the best possible light.

Professional photos increase the value of goods in the eyes of customers and their degree of trust in the site.

The main secret of a good photo is in lighting. Without sufficient light to get a clear, vivid picture is almost impossible. Lack of light affects the image negatively - the image is smeared (due to long exposure, because the camera is trying to focus), there are "noises". But we need a picture of the goods with clearly distinguishable details.

Add the "right' light

Tip - use the light from the window. Winter lighting - the sky, tightened by an even layer of clouds - is an ideal option. Direct sunlight is less suitable because they give too high contrasts of bright light and deep shadows. Do not use the camera flash. The built-in flash will provide sharp and unattractive lighting. Take photos from different angles

Offer more than one image. Before buying, customers want to learn more about the product. This means that it is better to upload a couple more photos of the product in high resolution, and if this does not work (the photo is taken on a non-professional camera), then you need to take photos of individual elements or maximize the object.

Show the product in action

Upload a few photos where the goods are used in practice. For example, if you sell things for the house, they can be photographed in the interior. If you sell accessories, then boldly engage your girlfriends as models! Buyers will be able to better understand the dimensions and features, seeing the goods surrounded by familiar things, and not in the studio.

So, be optimistic, have the patience and create beautiful photos for your online store, which will bring you daily profit.

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