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OURSTUDIO is one of the leading creative studio in Bangalore offering services in Image retouching, photography, videography & 3D Modelling. We help you to create the visual content in  stylish, high quality, cost effective photography and video that’s ideal for e-commerce sites, magazines, catalogues, leaflets, posters, brochures, POS as well as fast turnaround high volume pack shots. Our experienced and friendly team are fully involved in each job, providing a personal and quality service from beginning to end from styling, makeup, photography and  retouching. It's a delicious combination of top class resources and talented professionals to set the completion. Our passion is delivering outstanding and effective results for our clients. Armed with high end technology, abundant talent and willingness to work hard; Our connected global team is raring to change the game. We look forward to build constructive, trusted relationships with clients, so that together we can forget limitations and reimagine the spectacular.

Please contact to us and discuss the individual rates for your project and feel free to ask for the sample test work. The rates differ depending on the job- number of work to be done, turnaround time.


Volume is main factor for the pricing.   

Terms and conditions
As a service provider, we are strictly following privacy policy of our clients email address or other personal identifying information what share with us.  As per our terms and condition,  such information will never be distributed to  third party and it will never be publicly visible without your express mail consent. All personal information including email address and photos will only be used for communication with your personally, invoicing and service delivery.


Turnaround time
Our delivery time frame is “ Whenever you need; Whatever you need;”

Thank you...


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