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OURSTUDIO  is a leading media production house, complete with independent sections that covers photography, videography, Image Retouching and 3D modelling. We based in Bangalore, led by group of creative and professional photographers, proudly offering a complete service in commercial photography. Its a great and all in one place for creating amazing images. Our passion for perfection comes as part of our standard service to you, we see it as an opportunity to add value, not add cost.


Our combined experience in commercial photography with image retouching  can offer creative, time and cost-effective solutions for you. We are able to work at any stage of a production for any size of project. From models, makeup and locations, we make every effort to deliver the pictures that represent your brand.

Commercial photography is our speciality. Our images are used to sell products and services through websites, social media, brochures, newspapers and magazines. Our commercial portfolio includes corporate, industrial & advertising photography.

Facilities: Located in central of Bangalore, Domlur [Indiranagar], Make-up and Hairstyling area, Dressing Room, Toilet, Lounge Area, Fully Air Conditioned, Free WiFi, Post Processing Experts.


 Advertising | Fashion | Product | E-Commerce | Corporate | Editorial | Lookbook | Food

Lifestyle | Industrial | Portfolio | Realestate | Jewellery

Advertising Photography
The high level of competition and the abundance of companies that offer goods and services of the same kind force manufacturers to look for new ways to promote their products. One of the most popular ways is advertising photography. It allows you to clearly present the product and attract the attention of customers and is one of the most difficult areas of photography. Professional advertising photography plays a major role in the process of promoting the goods. It provides a high degree of recognition of goods and services, and attracts potential customers by showing them only the best aspects of the product.

OURSTUDIO in Bangalore is the ideal place for advertising photography should involve not only the subjects themselves, but also a lot of people providing high quality of the process and preparing subjects or models. In the staff of such a studio, there should always be make-up artists, stylists, models & Retouchers.

Commercial Photography
We are everywhere surrounded by advertising. On every screen of the computer, smartphone, tablet, in magazines, newspapers, at bus stops and stations, it literally haunts us. And yet it should be remembered that for a significant proportion of these ads, a photographer was invited to take photographs for commercial advertising.

Product Photography

Product photography is an art and the heart of any sort of communication. Our experts can surely take the looks of your product to the next level. We do product photography for offline and online creatives. If you require stunning high-end commercial product photography, then our professional service is what you need. As experienced professional commercial photographers, we regularly shoot for catalogues, direct mail campaigns and e-commerce sites. We appreciate the need to produce clean and crisp images that grab the attention of your customers – whether your products are large or small, blend will always produce high quality, eye-catching product photography at great prices. With years of experience, we’re confident we can provide you with quality product photography to meet your needs.

E-Commerce Photography
Our E-Commerce photography refers to the process of capturing and sourcing good quality images of products and services to be sold over the internet, through an E-commerce website such as,,, or have your own website. it’s important to have quality images of your products to show them at their best. Our extremely competitive prices to help you increase your sales!


Fashion PhotographyOur professional photographers are well aware about covering fashion shows as well as dedicated fashion shoots for brands. Fashion - the general name of the style of “fashionable” photos. Shooting for catalogues, portfolios, look books and high-end fashion publications in all cases, without exception, is done in a fashion style. We create exceptional, inspiring imagery to match a designer’s vision and bring your brand to life. In OURSTUDIO Bangalore, our fashion photography team are regularly commissioned to produce editorial, catalogue, e-commerce and look book photography, with highly experienced, creative photographers and a dedicated post-production studio to ensure a comprehensive understanding of what’s required to meet your brief.

Food Photography
We’re experienced in all aspects and styles of food photography. Our experts style it and shoot it with mouth-watering perfection. Our skilled team of food photographers regularly shoot for magazines, catalogs, restaurants, online market places and e-commerce sites so we understand the need for clean, distinctive, crisp high-resolution images for both large format work and small images for websites. Here at OURSTUDIO, we have 10+ experience and have an understanding of how to showcase your products. We are the premier Food Photography company in Bangalore.


Furniture Photography
Clean and simple or luxurious lifestyle, from close-up detail shots to full room-sets or even a stunning location… we capture the furniture shots you need, whether you’re printing a glossy brochure or populating an e-commerce site.

Lifestyle Photography
We can shoot lifestyle photography with room-sets in our studio or our specialists will find the perfect location. Stunning high-end imagery at a price you can afford; Lifestyle photography is one of our key strengths at OURSTUDIO. This is arguably the most challenging of all kinds of photography, as it requires a highly skilled approach. We are experts at creating stunning high-end, high-quality lifestyle images.

Jewellery Photography
Precision and perfection are the hallmarks of stunning jewellery photography and they come from years of experience. We know that quality is essential whether you’re using for print materials or white background shots for e-commerce. Using specialist light-shaping tools to give metal surfaces definition, make gemstones sparkle and bring colours to life. Our respected jewellery photographers take as much pride in their work as you do, appreciating the need to define every angle and highlight the beauty and craftsmanship of each piece. An image is worth a thousand words and that is why we strive to produce professional jewellery photography of the highest quality. Our aim is to make your jewellery brief a reality, and deliver your perfect, detail-rich digital imagery.


Industrial Photography
From showing the efficiency of your production line to the detail and precision of your finished product, capturing the perfect industrial photography requires the right people with the right knowledge and the right equipment.


Real-estate Photography
We pride ourselves on producing high-quality product photography, but our professional photography team’s combined expertise and experience goes well beyond simple products or fashion. Our team of creative professional real-estate interior/exterior photographers can add value to your shots with creative innovation, suitable lighting and experienced art direction. Based in Bangalore, we’re experts at producing creative photography for premier brands. We have an extensive knowledge of adding value to products through photography, and a passion for shooting creatively on above and below the line campaigns. Our creative team ensure we have solutions to make your real-estate photography really stand out.

Location Photography
We’re happy to shoot almost anything just about anywhere, factory, offices, construction sites and events etc….we’ve even photographed beds in fields!

If you have any Photography related inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time. Our producers would love to hear from you.


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